Our Platform, Expertise and Analytics deliver limitless solutions.

We empower our clients to better manage Risk by building tailored, highly agile Solutions—shedding the burden of outmoded, rigid legacy approaches.

Cyber Fusion

Many of the Solutions we build for clients pivot around our Cyber Fusion capability—a next-gen approach to managing security data. The unique combination of our Platform, Expertise and Analytics allows organisations to unify all their data and flexibly address Risk across the full range of cyber security functions.

Understand our limitless range of Solutions through the lens of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.


We build Solutions that provide visibility into all your assets, users, vulnerabilities and threats—all in one place and continuously updated.

  • What is your attack surface? Do you have control of it all?
  • What assets are connected to your network, how and what are they doing?
  • What users do you have, and are their permissions appropriate?


We create applications that proactively measure the performance of your cyber controls, meaning early identification of weaknesses or missing controls. This removes Risk from your operations, long before it can be taken advantage of.

  • What controls do you have, and what are your control gaps?
  • For your existing controls, can you measure how effective they are?
  • How do you ensure continuous, data-driven compliance and regulatory reporting?


We deploy analytics to detect the most advanced attacks, often when the volume of data and the complexity of the models required means that traditional approaches won’t scale or will prove too costly.

  • Are there advanced persistent actors with access that you have not previously identified?
  • On your cloud assets and applications—often where data volumes are high and data access is difficult—do you have sufficient detection coverage?
  • Do you monitor your third party’s behaviour when they are accessing your assets?


Without exception, all our customers can use our SDS Platform for their Response activities. Our core capability to rapidly ingest, transform and contextualise large, complex and disparate data sources means that in many cases we are often the single source of truth for our customers.

  • Automation — We connect all the relevant data in one place.
  • Visualisation — We enable ad-hoc search, correlation and visualisation of data.
  • Response — We let users respond at speed to fast-moving incidents.

How our solutions support the different cyber functions.

Learn more about the Solutions we’ve built and how they support the different NIST functions.


Cyber Asset Management Application

A global client lacked an up-to-date view of all its technology assets, instead relying on point-in-time audits and ad-hoc processes—leading to a lack of visibility. This made it virtually impossible for the security team to provide confidence that all assets were appropriately protected.


Automation — By automating the Asset Discovery and Inventory process, we helped the client save hundreds of hours of labour.


Protection — Our application provided visibility into which of the client’s assets weren’t protected the way they should be.


Identification — We identified security solution coverage gaps that could be quickly remedied.

We seek the toughest cyber problems.

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