Evolving security threats demand a
next generation 

Mitigating, Detecting and Responding to advanced security threats requires developing a security architecture based on a deep understanding of:

Security Tradecraft

Big Data

Data Science

Data Science

At the heart of this adaptive security architecture is Security Data Science – applying the most advanced Data Science, deep Tradecraft, and advanced Big Data technologies.

Prevalent AI was founded by experts recognised globally for solving the world’s toughest security problems.

We believe in the following fundamental truths about security, now and in the future;

Sophisticated Attacks require Sophisticated Defence

Defending an enterprise against the most sophisticated attacks requires the power of Security Data Science.




Security Data Science Is Complex


Only the most well-resourced companies can currently deploy and maintain Security Data Science capabilities. Everyone else will need the help of Security Data Science specialists



Talent Is Scarce


There are very few people with the proven Security Data Science capabilities the market needs.




We apply the world’s best Security Data Science knowledge and expertise to help companies understand, deploy and support the most advanced security solutions.