MSSP’s Must Evolve or Die

The Problem: Managed Security is Broken

MSSP’s are a generation behind


– Technologies built for yesterday’s threats
– Lacking automation and integration
– Vendor lock-in, offering limited flexibility

Activity rather than Security


– Built to meet SLAs, not improve security
– Overwhelmed by false positives
– Shortage of capable, affordable staff

Unhappy customers and investors


– Lost revenue from lack of differentiation
– Vendor lock-in meaning high fixed costs
– Pressure on growth and margins

The Opportunity: Market Forces mean demand for providers offering true innovation is growing

The Solution: Next Generation Managed Security

Outsource the platform to experts, demand new capabilities that drive revenue and margin, focus on providing the best service


Apply market leading analytics and machine learning, reduce false positives, automate incident response, improve margins and customer satisfaction
Differentiate MSSP offering using analytics, automation, intelligence, move beyond infosec into physical, fraud, third party risk


We apply the world’s best Security Data Science knowledge and expertise to help MSSP’s design, deploy and support the most advanced security solutions.